Nightlights to charm your nights

Perfect decoration for any room in your home. The right night light can make your children and you sleep peacefully. Chances are we have the perfect night light that suits every room of your house. The soft running 4-watt light bulb provides a warm glow. Image can be seen day or night.

Image size measures 2 1/2" x 4" (overall size: 3 1/2" wide x 4 3/4" tall x 2 1/4" deep)

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Why the Nightlights?

With the nightfall, there is another source of light that lightens up your rooms. The nightlights! The warm glow, the soft light and the comfort they provide, will make every night of yours, a memorable one. The time you spend with your loved ones, talking, laughing and sharing, can never be forgotten. The right night lamp in your bedrooms can also make you sleep peacefully. Hence it is very essential to look for the perfect nightlight that suits every room of your house.

The choices that you have from has an extensive collection of night lamps that can lighten every corner of your house. There are designs that suit a wide range of tastes. For your kids' bedroom, we have the best offers. You can choose from exotic beach/tropical decorative night lights, magnificent horse and cowboy designed nightlights or those with the celestial bodies on them. Your kids will love our designs and so will you. More designs include holiday themes, music themes, exciting sea life night lights, train themed night lamps and many more. Dinosaurs themes for the kids and sports themes/automobile themes for the adventure lovers ensure sweet dreams and comfortable nights.

Night lights are in tremendous vogue these days. People use them in their rooms to create an ideal atmosphere. Night lights enhance the beauty and visual appeal of your home interiors and induce a unique touch and style to any space. These decorative night lights radiate a lucid light that infuses positive energy into the space and gives out a warm glow, which is perfect for enjoying a peaceful sleep. No wonder they are so popular in hundreds of families across the U.S.

Soft glowing night lights help children to sleep peacefully (without fearing strange monsters to appear and pounce on them in the dark!). There are dozens of options of high quality and durable decorative night lights for children’s rooms. Nightlights are most suitable for children’s rooms. Butterfly nightlights, Space Themed nightlights, Tropical themed night lights and Flowers night lights are great lighting options for the master bedroom too!

Night lights are perfect for your home. They lend a great aesthetic appeal to your home décor with their wonderful designs and motifs. Home owners find these nightlights quite cost effective as compared to other home décor items such as paintings or expensive show pieces. Decorative night lights are available in traditional as well as contemporary styles.

Beautiful nights lights such as Cat themed night lights, Corvette themed nightlights and Religious themed night lights can be a good option to present as gifts to friends and family members on special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year, Christmas, Easter, birthday, anniversary, house warming and others.

If you love night lights and want to buy unique night lights for your home or to gift to family or friends, then visit We offer a wide range of colorful and jazzy night lights at cost efficient rates. We even deliver the ordered items at your doorstep for free.

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